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Newspaper Ads

Have you ever looked at the employment sections in the local newspapers?  I look at all sections and I have noticed that some of the job descriptions with listed required skills are the length of a column.  I know that we have employees lacking skills but are we also looking for the perfect employee that has skills from all career areas.  What message are we sending? As communities, the process of working together to meet these skill levels needs to be happening at the high school, college level and work force level.  As noted in all the recent political polls, we do have high levels of unemployment but we also have huge learning gaps in our communication with schools and the real world to meet the needs of the available jobs.  It’s easy to say that you need to become trained, but what about those that left schools thinking they were trained or had the appropriate education?  Internships and apprenticeships happen at the end of a student’s program- do we need to have educators and employers participate in internships, working together to create successful programming? Let’s not make it a blame game, but a collaborative team approach with openness to change the structure of schools and work places.

Sift and Sort

An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or  even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t. Anatole  France


Where do I begin…

This Blog is to support new and experienced educators.  I hope to provide constructive, positive feedback and have a platform to provide dialogue about experiences from the past, today’s topics and possibilities for the future. During this dialogue process, a variety of resources may also be shared.

How is this blog different? There will be similiarities with other education sites, but I hope to bring insight drawn from the prospective of  a teacher, administrator or director.  I am also in a transitional stage in my career.   What do I mean by transitional stage? I am currently between jobs and I am trying to determine what avenue to pursue next in the education field or workforce. I find this unique because I have been given the opportunity as an educator to stop and reflect on my past,  and consider the present to consider what direction I may take in my career.

I invite you to take a step into the personal world of an educator.

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