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I don’t know about you but when I am looking for resources to use, I want teacher friendly, easy access and good material.  When researching 21st century skills, I came upon this website.  Out of all the pages,  I like the “cool website page”.  It has links, information, videos and resources for 21st century tools to use in the classroom or to gather information for curriculum. The work that you and your team will need to do is determine what resources are free to use, what tools are economical or could be considered, and what is applicable to your district or school.

Check this website out-

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2 thoughts on “Cool Websites

  1. bluewoodtree says:

    Have you heard about Udacity, the 21st century university? It is a web-portal that offers online lectures for free. And the quality of those lectures are gread, since they are taught by really professors (Harvard, MIT, etc.). The lectures are also interactive, including quizzes, problem sets, final exams.

    I wrote an short article about Udacity if you are interested:


  2. bluewoodtree says:

    It just came to my mind that there is another great resource for free online education. Just like Udacity, you can watch all the videos for free. The content of the lectures (maths, physics, biology, chemistry, and more) is a little bit more “basic”, though. And all lectures are taught by the same person, Salman Khan, but he is very good at it!

    I also wrote an short article about this nice web-portal:


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