My blog was nominated for the Shine On and Reality Blog Award. Thank you for this nomination.  I am extremely grateful and honored. I know I am pretty new to the game, but I am enjoying the process each time I post.  is a wonderful site that you should also check into as you blog shop.


  1. Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
  2. Add the award logo to your blog
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 5 – 10 or so bloggers you admire
  5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know
  6. Optional questions (This one I will forego for now to make it easier on everyone!)

Seven things about myself

1. I am married.
2. I have been a teacher, principal, a gifted and talented/writing resource teacher, a director of curriculum and instruction, and mentor coordinator.
3. Keep it is my first personal blogging experience.
4. I also write for various education topics.
5. I have two wonderful children.
6. Outside of education, I enjoy reading, listening to music, researching and searching the net, traveling, being with family and friends….
7. I am look forward and am open to the next adventure in education for myself

I am pleased to nominate the following blogs:


Please stop by Momsopinions site at

Thank you again, I really appreciate this nomination.


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