Cheating in Action

Unfortunately, cheating is happening in our schools.  Now we have to determine how to prevent, support and take action.

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and then you have videos (one of many) like this for students to view and consider….   (check out how many people have viewed)


and actions that are taken when cheating occurs in a classroom….

Harvard University punishes  students caught in cheating scandal; more than half of the accused forced to  temporarily withdraw

By  David Knowles    / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

After months of  trying to ferret out cheaters at one of the country’s most prestigious  universities, Harvard officials say they have concluded the punishment phase of  their investigation. More than half of the students implicated in the cheating  scandal were asked to leave the university for varying amounts of time, Michael  D. Smith, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean, said in an email.

Members of Harvard University’s basketball, football, baseball and hockey  teams were ensnared in a cheating investigation. Some were forced to temporarily  withdraw from the school after being confronted in the fall.  Harvard University hopes that veritas has finally been restored.  The nation’s oldest college announced that it had finished doling out punishment in its months-long investigation in a highly-publicized cheating  scandal.  Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith sent out a campus-wide  email Friday saying that more than half of the 125 students implicated in the  investigation into cheating had been asked to leave the school for for a period  of time.  The allegations of cheating stemmed from a spring semester government  course titled “Introduction to Congress” after a teaching assistant noticed that  some students had given identical answers on a take-home test.  While some of the students received their punishment in the fall, others  were notified in late December, the school said. “This is a time for communal reflection and action,” Smith wrote. “We are  responsible for creating the community in which our students study and we all  thrive as scholars.”  The cheating scandal was a constant topic of conversation and anxiety  among students, and members of the basketball, football, baseball and hockey  teams were ensnared in the investigation.  “The students who are implicated in this scandal from last spring still  need to be recognized as members of our community . They shouldn’t feel  alienated from Harvard,” said Harvard Undergraduate Council President Tara  Raghuveer. “This was an unfortunate incident. Students are being punished  accordingly.”  Smith said that the college would now concentrate on new ways to help the  college live up to its famous motto: honesty.

Article from New York Daily News; article by David Knowles on Feb. 1, 2013; The videos were taken from

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