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The Storms of Spring

We can never forget the power of the storm, whether weak or strong, we are vulnerable to it’s will…

Have You Ever?

Have you ever smelled the rain as a storm was getting near

then sat and watched as clouds began to appear

Have you ever heard the sounds of Gods thunderous roar

and looked to see his light along the shore

Have you ever listened to the rain when it starts pouring down feeling the flow of it 
before it touches ground

Have you ever caught a breeze upon your face and somehow you new it was Our 
Father's Embrace

Have you ever seen God's splendor after a storm was done when his heavens 
open up and he shows his brilliant sun

Have you ever taken notice as the clouds start to divide and you see the rays of 
sunshine peak over the sky

Have you ever seen his colors of grays, gold, purple and pink and wonder to 
yourself how excellent God thinks

Have you ever looked at his miraculous sky when it shines so big and bright with 
silhouettes of shadows beaming through the light

Have you ever seen a rainbow far above so high it goes from one end to the other 
along his great big sky

Have you ever wondered how his sunlight rolls away and how his darkness 
appears without dismay

Have you ever seen his display of wonders when you look into the night

and appreciated his stars above along with his moonlight

Have you ever imagined why God gave us these effects

I think it is to remind us that he deserves all respect

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Let us not forget, but remember…

Thank you Bing for the photos.

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Thanks, Mom!

Each of our mothers, or women that have touched our lives have made such an amazing impact in our lives. This year express your appreciation to them.  Anna Marie Jarvis established the first Mother’s Day, following the death of her mother, on May 9, 1905. It was Jarvis’ love for her mother that began the annual U.S. holiday we celebrate known as Mothers Day (which has now become an international event). President Woodrow Wilson declared the first Mothers Day (as a national holiday) in the United States on May 9, 1914.

Happy Mother’s Day – A Beautiful Video

Please copy this address and see the beautiful photography as well as words to describe a tribute to Mom!

Thank you galaxydreaming and youtube for expressing how thankful we are to have mothers…

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