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Turkey’s Done!

Done Turkey

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Spirit of Thanksgiving

Spirit of Thanksgiving
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, kids ages 2 to 12 were asked what they are thankful for. There’s nothing more adorable than asking a child a serious question to see what their candid response will be. What you are about to read will touch your heart and make you laugh as we explore what kids have to say about being thankful.

The Serious Kids
Some kids have a serious side when asked questions and some kids just say what they think you want to hear. Either way, it warms your heart and puts a smile on your face. We went through an “I’m going to say what I think you want to hear” phase when my son was about 6-years-old. It was pretty obvious that he was giving me an answer that he thought I wanted to hear. It was still cute but I’m glad we are out of that phase and he can candidly open up about his feeling whether they are serious, comical or the honest truth — his answer is not in this category.
Be prepared to shed a tear and smile as you read what these kids are thankful for this Thanksgiving.
• “I’m thankful that I love everyone in our family and that they love me too.” — Lizzy, age 8
• “I’m thankful for my mommy, my daddy, my sister, my brothers and horses.” — Emily, age 9
• “I’m thankful for everything good — and bad — that has ever happened to me. The good makes the bad okay and the bad isn’t really bad because there’s so much good. So, maybe I’m really just thankful for the good since there isn’t really any bad. Ugh, I’ve confused myself. I’ll just say I’m thankful for my sister’s rock moves.” — Kenzie, age 9
• “I’m thankful to be in this world.” — Alak, age 9
• “I’m thankful for the doctor who fixed my heart.” — Jillian, age 12
The Little Comedians
Kids don’t have to try very hard to be funny — they just are. They have an uncanny way of saying what’s on their minds and often have no shame when answering even the most serious questions. Sometimes their little brains are thinking a mile a minute and two — or three, or more — thoughts blend together. Check out what these little comedians are thankful for this Thanksgiving.
• “I’m most thankful for my mom and dad… What? Am I missing somebody? Oh yeah, I guess my sister, too.” — Ella, age 8
• “I’m thankful for my parents’ ability to discern that one grunt mean yes and another grunt means I’ve gone #2 in my diaper.” — Dad on behalf of Finnegan, age 2
• “The zoo and the monkey bars… and breakfast bars.” — Bennett, age 3
• “I’m thankful for my rock moves.” — Jaisy, age 3
The Honest Truth
With childhood comes innocence and with innocence comes honesty. This Thanksgiving, these kids are thankful for things that make them happy — in more ways than one.
• “I’m thankful for the USA, family and summer.” — Ava, age 9
• “Baby Einstein!” – Brodie, age 2
• “I’m thankful for my family and Thanksgiving feasts.” — Peyton, age 5
• “I’m thankful for Beyblades and cookies.” — Hunter, age 9
• “I’m thankful for Fridays because I don’t have to do any homework.” — Steven, age 10

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Even though it’s an older article, it still warms the heart…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

 I am so very thankful for my family, friends, home, work, food on the table, etc…  

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