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A Walk into the Deep Cold

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I know it’s only January, but can we please warm up a little bit…

Dead of Winter

White feathery frosts of ice on grass
And trees. Heavy frigid breaths do pass,
With blustery icy cold wind on your face.
Damp paths and wet cold roads trace
A pattern and icicles hang from gutters.

Mist swirls around wispy folds unwinds
And forms cold clumps of foggy binds
Like some super glue in low lying lands,
That saps the strength and chills the hands.
Of stamping feet of cold dead legs.

With cars not starting and batteries dead
And frosted windscreens is enough said.
The wet glistening vapour on metal glowing,
And water running down the window showing.
Of wispy smoke rising aloft from chimneys.

Of hard cold vegetables stuck in the ground
Hoar frost freezing the hard grown mound.
Dark clouds rising from grounds so harden
And snow falling in the dank cold garden.
The frozen earth does not complain.
The dead of winter comes round again.
by David Wood (compliments of

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Deep Freeze

By Day

By Day

By Night

By Night

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New Year’s Wish

I had a friend send this to me. I really enjoyed the filming and photography of animals in nature as well as the beautiful scenery. I thought the poetry with music is heartwarming as well as inspiring for all.

Happy New Year to You!

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