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Patrick Notley: Unlikely Teacher

Just saw this as well as receiving these photos from a friend!

Check out the links and the photos-
~Keep it School- he definitely is a teacher~

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Today was one of those days where one learns in the most unexpected of ways.

I do not know who Patrick Notley is and from comments on the web finding him might be a bit like finding Keyser Söze (Usual Suspects).  What I do know is I learned an incredible lesson about seeing beauty in this world.

The day began when a friend sent me a powerpoint slideshow.  You can see the pictures that were included here I love photography and was blown away.  Especially by the last slide which, I read to mean that the photographer who took all the photos is Patrick Notley and he is autistic.

Well, he is autistic but he did not take the photographs.  He compiled them and they are works by other photographers.  This has caused quite a stir.

I shared the slideshow with friends and we were all…

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Smile, You Deserve It!

Hope you were able to enjoy teacher appreciation day or week!

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