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Wash Away Worry

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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally happens.
Benjamin Disraeli (former Prime Minister)

Has anyone every called you a worrywart or a person who tends to worry habitually and often needlessly? Many times mothers seem to worry about their children or what could happen. With each generation, comes changes in every day life with different worries. An example of how my childhood was different is that when I was young we use to go to a neighborhood park (about six blocks away from our home) from morning till night. Mom would just yell my sister’s name when it was time to come home. In fact all the neighborhood children would also go home. Was mom with us at the park? No. Did she give us cell phones so that she could text us when to come home? No. Did we have a nanny or babysitter to come with us? No. I was with my friends and my sister, who was five years older than me. I think what helped to ground us as a family, is that we respected our parent’s rules. We had a strong sense of community where children played together and the neighbors were friends. I’m sure my mom and dad worried but I think they worried more about the big stuff versus the little stuff.

I know that things can happen when we least expect it. These happenings can be wonderful, like by chance meeting that partner that you thought you would never meet. Situations may also happen to you that are not the greatest. I’ll never forget when I was younger I was to participate in a music tour to all the neighboring schools. I was to wear an outfit that was handmade. The next morning, guess who woke up with the flu? Me! Let’s just say that things can come up unexpectedly.

What Benjamin Disraeli may be saying is that why worry about things we don’t have any control over. It may be easier said than done but you don’t want to live your life being continually stressed and worried. We have to learn to put things into perspective. Trust your intuitions. Live in the present. Those around you will also appreciate this change in your thoughts and actions.

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You can do it!

Success Kid!

Success Kid!

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Through Ups and Downs

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill

We have all gone through rough or frustrating times. We have also been through great and glorious times.

When we are at our best, we wonder how we can keep achieving. We want the feeling of success to last forever.

But when we are at our most difficult challenging times, we wonder how we can survive the ordeal. We question ourselves whether it will ever get better.

Mr. Churchill was quite a statesman and thoughtful wise man. He makes us remember the importance of the journey not just the destination. We may have an end goal in mind but one must have energy and positive intent to carry out our actions.

I know that when I accomplish something and feel success I want it to last. But I also know it can be quite the mountain to climb if I have to keep achieving at that level or perform at an even higher expectation. I think that determining satisfaction and happiness is key. I also think success can be in the eyes of the beholder. When I was young, I use to think that the rich and famous had it all, but I now realize that may not be. Remember when your parents or grandparents would say, “The grass always look greener on the other side of the fence.”

Failing on the other hand can be devastating, whether it is in your workplace, family, relationship, etc. When you are in the midst of failing, all seems lost. It can be very hard to be able to be realistic or positive about alternatives. Yes. People will say, “You will be able to learn from your mistakes.” But at the moment when it is happening, that may be the furthest thought that comes to mind. During those times in my life, a friend or family member can ease the pain. I do have to say that I have learned from some of my mistakes. I have used these experiences to help me grow as a person.

But all and all, the courage to go forward and reflect on your journey is what is important.

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Growing Up

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional.

Source: Unknown

I smile when I read this. I’d like to say that I applaud this quote. I interpret it as a positive not as a negative. As an educator, part of the reason that I love my job is that young children bring wonder and enthusiasm to my workplace. Anything is possible, the world is their oyster. Students inspire me to continue to learn and try new strategies or techniques. Children are willing to work hard especially if you have built respectful and trusting relationships.

As we get older, we tend to become more serious, less spontaneous and free-spirited. We don’t want to be out of the norm, or be looked upon as strange or different. Have you ever noticed that couples or older people don’t dance in public as much unless they have taken Dance 101. Where do you see people letting go? You see dancing at weddings, or happy times with family and friends. The alcohol may help with this form of expression, but for sure the next day you talk about what fun it was to dance and laugh. You don’t care whether you 2-Stepped or knew the Mockarina.

I love music and where it takes you. I enjoy singing or grooving in the car when I know a tune I know. Do I get funny looks from strangers from the car in the next lane? Maybe. But I am safe and I am not inebriated but instead I am enjoying a moment in time as I cruise down the highway.

On a more serious note, have you known someone to have changed jobs more than once. Some adults may see this as not growing up. Is this too great a risk? Yes, it is a risk but each job may be an opportunity to grow and discover more about yourself and what you do best. Change can be a good thing.

We will become older and even though inevitable, please welcome the adventure. I think that growing up can be both an opportunity to become responsible and respected but it can also be a time to discover and embrace your passions.

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to see Leo Buscaglia, known for his college courses, concentrating on, “Living, Loving and Learning”. I’ll leave with one of his simple quotes, “Happiness and love are just a choice away.”

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Sixty Seconds of Happiness

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How many times in your lifetime, when things didn’t go right, or you were angry or sad, your parents or a good friend would say, “Things will get better. Tomorrow is a new day?” I think that Mr. Emerson composed this quote knowing that time is so much better being spent being happy rather than being angry.

I know an unbelievable lady that lives this quote each and every day. She laughs and smiles every day. Has she been confronted with unhappiness? Yes. Has she been in situations that she has the right to be angry? Yes. In fact, I look at her life and the many challenges that she has gone through and I am in amazement that she has triumphed both physically and emotionally. Each day that I know this woman, someone will approach me and say, “I just love her, she makes me smile. I love her laugh and smile.” I am so fortunate and thankful to be a part of her life.

Please don’t stay angry, life is too short, forgive, forget and be happy. You deserve it and so do the people in your life!

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Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is remarkable in the world of science, invention and the way of the world. As I read this quote, I think of all those times that you think, wow, isn’t that remarkable. Did that just happen? When you look at someone and say, what a coincidence. But as Einstein said so eloquently, God’s way of remaining anonymous. May it be a moment in time, when everything slows down and you smile or reflect on what just happened. Just the other day, I was sitting at a picnic table with my mom and husband and a family came to share the table. We started the conversation lightly with the talk of the wonderful weather and great event. We ended up talking with the family for about an hour, laughing and enjoying the many things we had in common. The newcomers having children the exact same ages, our occupations were very much alike and how we came to this location in time was similar. What a lovely afternoon, to share not only a table, but a meal and conversation. Something so unexpected but yet a pleasure on a Sunday afternoon.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. Albert Einstein

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