Being Positive



In order to better understand people’s views of the world, a researcher once placed two children, one a pessimist and the other an optimist, alone in separate rooms.

The pessimist was placed in a colorful room full of all kinds of imaginative toys…the optimist was put in a room filled with horse manure.

The first child played in the room for a little while, but soon came to the door asking to leave because the toys were boring and because they broke too easily.

Likewise, the young optimist soon came to the door…but rather than asking to leave, she asked for a shovel.

Of course, the researcher asked the child why she wanted a shovel.

She replied, “With all this manure around, I know that there must be a pony in here somewhere.”

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Food for Thought:

While at your job, out shopping for gifts, preparing for guests, attending family gatherings; you may find yourself being rushed, impatient, disappointed, stressed and tired. STOP, take a breath and think of something that was positive that day. It may be as simple as someone holding the door for you or greeting you with a smile and saying, “Have a great day!”

What if everyone this season could take a moment and try to find the positive in the world.  It may help us in our outlook in life and how we treat one another.  I know that we can do it! 

Best wishes to you this holiday season!


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