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Pause and reflect


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Unexpected interruption, take a pause…

Have you ever written a document that took a great deal of time to write to find that it’s lost and you are unable to retrieve the written piece?  This just happened to me with this post. This probably happens less now with Google documents having the ability to automatically save documents. But the feeling if you experienced this, is one of loss and great frustration. You have to determine; do I try to recreate the piece?; do I start over with something new?; or do I wait to see if it is necessary? At times there isn’t a choice and a rewrite is necessary due to time constraints, and the requirement to complete the task. In my situation, I decided it was almost meant to be. I relived the feeling of having to take a moment to pause and think, so I can relay these emotions in my post.

If you can calm down enough, the incident could be looked at as an example of something that brings us a surprising benefit. Maybe what you wrote was done in haste and not thought. Did you need to rethink different options?  Or maybe learning how to not redo the same mistake is the learning in itself. Sometimes we are so quick to react that we forget to pause and reconsider our options.

Another example of hitting the pause button, is a common occurrence in today’s world of looking for a job. Due to an unexpected interruption, we can choose a path not necessarily considered. I found this with my own life, I almost took a position and then at the last moment it didn’t happen. I was so set and everything was working according to my plan. But instead at the last moment it didn’t work. I reflect on it now and it wouldn’t have been a good move for me. Other personal things happened that year and if I would have taken this job my life would have been different. So different that my current family may have not happened.

Interruptions may be a way of bringing new opportunities into our life, or new relationships, or it could be a means of providing us with information that we need. Interruptions also bring us some of our best opportunities for giving help and encouragement to others. I’m not saying that every interruption has a purpose, but it may be a space in time that allows us to be more patient with ourselves and to look at things more optimistically. Some find this pause or interruption, spiritual, or that we use a higher power that can help us through the unexpected.

I heard this unbelievable and touching story on the radio the other day. It really made me reflect about the interruptions in my life. A man who was set to take the flight of one of the planes that would hit the Twin Towers on the day of 911, got a flat tire on the way to the airport. He did not make his flight. His wife called him to see if he was okay, after hearing the number of the flight. He told her that due to the flat tire he missed his flight. His family was relieved and thankful that he was not one of the unfortunate people that were involved in the Twin Towers situation. After speaking to his son and hearing of this terrible tragedy, his father, a retired fire fighter had decided since he lived in New York, he could possibly help at the site. Sadly, he died that day in the building after one of the towers collapsed. Sadness and grief overcame the son’s family.

Time had passed. The following year there was a knock on the young couple’s door. A woman with a child were at the door. The young woman said that as soon as she was able she needed to visit the son. The young woman explained how she was very pregnant and was trapped in the Twin Towers before the buildings collapsed. An older gentleman, a retired fireman had found her and saved her life by calming her anxiety and assisting her down the many flights of stairs to get to safety. As they descended the stairs, they talked about love, life and the importance of family. She talked about how she was a single mother and her worry about the unknown. The firefighter told her how love will conquer all and how he had been blessed with such a wonderful life which included his son and family. She  felt as she had known him all her life. She stated to the couple that he was an angel sent to her. She named her newborn son after him. They thanked the woman for making this journey and for sharing the story of his father. They became close friends.

What unexpected interruptions have you had in your life? Can you welcome, embrace and empower yourself with the unexpected interruptions? Try to take a breath and pause. Who knows where it will take you.