Where do I Begin?

This Blog is to support new and experienced educators as well as stakeholders invested in education.  I hope to provide constructive positive feedback and have a platform to provide dialogue about issues in yesteryear, today and the future. I also hope that a variety of resources will be shared.

How is this blog different? There will be similiarities with other education sites, but I hope to give insight from the prospective of a teacher, administrator, and director that has had a variety of experience and is currently in a transitional stage.   What do I mean by transitional stage? I am trying to determine what avenue to pursue next while still be connected to educators. I find this unique because as I look to the future I will reflect on my past, and consider the present to consider what direction I may take in my career.

I invite you to take a step into the personal world of an educator.


4 thoughts on “Where do I Begin?

  1. I tried to leave a reply to your comment on my post but either my computer is weird or the site is full??? In any case, I appreciated your thoughtful comments and I have tried many of those suggestions at schools I serve. There are no easier answers but dialogue always helps. This looks like a great blog for newbie teachers. Good luck!


    • Thanks again for your reply and for your kind words. It was fun to read another education blog. I do enjoy helping and being a resource for new teachers as well as having dialogue with experienced teachers. Let’s stay in touch, :0


  2. momsopinions says:


    I have nominated your blog for the Shine On and/or Reality Blog Awards. If you would like to pick up either/both award(s), please use the below link:


    I like your site and think it’s interesting and educating to follow you. I like reading your blog.
    Thank you!


    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time in reading my blog. It means a lot to me! I will follow through with the awards requests of what to do next. Thank you again and good luck to you on your blog as well.


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