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Respect is such an important characteristic in our daily life. The term is used with children, friends, loved ones, or significant others when describing a value that is needed in any type of relationship.  What does respect mean to you? Are you being respected?

The truth is that, when love or care lacks respect, it may be self-serving. Definition of self-serving-serving one’s own interests, especially without concern for the needs or interests of others.  A disrespectful individual is concerned with how you make them feel, how you can serve them, how you reflect on them.

A loved one will respect you, and value you for you, as a full-fledged, thinking person. Someone who respects you will take joy in your independence and honor your boundaries.

Wondering if you have relationships built on respect? Here are signs of respect:

    1. You are listened to.  A sign of respect is that someone really listens to what you have to say. He or she isn’t just using the time you spend speaking as an opportunity come up with his or her next point; rather, instead they are listening to you carefully and responding accordingly.
    2. One is proud of you as a person. If you are respected, one is proud of you and proud to be with you, independently of how you make him or her look.
    3. They take you seriously.  For examplea friend may ask you for advice. They might not take your advice, but they take what you have to say under serious consideration.
    4. Your friend respects your wishes or boundaries, and stops when you say, “Stop or please don’t do that.” If someone respects you, he or she will honor your wishes when it comes to you saying no or stopping.
    5. Your friend is honest with you. A friend will respect you and will not lie or try to shield you from uncomfortable news, nor will he or she insult your intelligence by lying about their own actions.
    6. He or she doesn’t waste your time or disregard communication. Being constantly late, unresponsive, and unreliable are signs of disrespect. A good friend won’t make you wait around for hours when you have something planned, nor will he or she ignore your communication such as texts and calls.
    7. Your friend or loved one doesn’t control your free time or tell you who you have to be with. They let you make choices. If your friend or loved one doesn’t trust you, it’s an indication that he or she doesn’t respect your ability to make good choices and to keep promises. You will be respected as an independent person and will trust you to handle yourself.
    8. When he or she has a disagreement, you do it with dignity. As friends and loved ones, you argue at one point or another. Disagreements are natural. But you need to be respected,  even when you’re angry with each other.  When you’re arguing, a partner who respects you will try to listen to what you have to say and understand your point of view, even when it’s really, really difficult. That means not being mean, and no physical violence, ever.

Being respected is very important to any relationship. Are you being respected? You deserve to be respected!

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Common Core Graphics-High Frequency Words

The words “produce, publish, writing, and collaboration” are quite prominent in the Common Core standards related to technology. Students will be narrating and sharing their learning with forms of media beyond just pencil and paper. The internet, computing devices (including graphing calculators and other technological aides), and various forms of collaborative software are now being expected to be a regular part of a teacher’s “toolbox” for instructional activities.

For the production and distribution of writing alone, every level of K-12 is mandated by the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards to do the following:

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.

This line is listed for both the K-5 and the 6-12 levels, and is one of the most straight forward guidelines for what teachers should be doing, as a bare minimum, with student writing. More specific requirements of that standard are repeated in the Writing Standards for each grade level starting in grade 3, as well as the Writing standards for Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects at the 6-12 levels. There is also technology related standards found deeply embedded within the Math standards. It’s not only using technology and the internet as a resource but it’s about adapting, infusing, and transforming instructional practice at every grade level to acknowledge that digital tools and the internet are here to stay as an integral part of student learning.

**The creation of two Wordles and the above information were excerpts from Ben Rimes on the site www.techsavvyed.net.  His analysis and visual graphics speaks to how Common Core emphasizes the importance of technology and internet in order to communicate effectively with others.

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